• Please discuss class options with your child prior to registering. If your child is incorrectly registered or their schedule is incomplete when registration closes, CEEL staff will register your child in classes at our discretion. Unfortunately, no class changes will be permitted.  

    To register, visit the CEEL homepage at www.scasd.org/CEEL. The Click Here image will take you to the online registration site. I have attached the class options and descriptions. Note that classes are subject to change at any time, which may include cancellation or combining of classes. 

    A few notes to help with successful registration:

    • Log in a few minutes before registration opens; click All Classes at the top once logged in.

    • At 10:00 a.m., classes will appear at the bottom left of the screen, under a heading that says Conferences/Camps. Click that heading and all schools will appear under that. This is the only way to access these offerings. 

    • Click the appropriate school from the list.

    • Select your child’s name from the dropdown at the top of the classes page, then add a class to the cart for Monday through Thursday. Pay attention to the grade levels for each offering.

    • If you have additional students to enroll, go back to the top of the page and select the next student. Add a class for each day. 

    • Click Continue at the bottom of the page.

    • Review the summary on the next screen. 

    • If correct, click Continue Checkout

    • You should see a Thank You/Confirmation page and receive an email confirmation shortly thereafter.

    Troubleshooting tips:

    • Classes go live at 10:00 a.m. based on our registration system’s clock. If your clock says 10:00 but classes are not online yet, refresh your screen periodically.

    • If you inadvertently register yourself for classes, DO NOT go back in and register your child. Email me promptly so I can change the registrant to your child. If you go back and register your child, you are taking up an extra space in each of those classes which causes classes to fill before all students can register.

    • Classes will appear in a listing by day with all Monday classes first, then Tuesday, etc. Within each daily block, classes will be listed with K-2 offerings first followed by grades 3-5 classes. Again, please discuss class options with your child beforehand and have their selections ready when registration opens.

    • If you have issues, please email me as it is faster for me to assist you this way. Send details regarding what issue you’re having as well as screenshots. 




Last Modified on September 27, 2023