• Our Specials Schedule


    Our specials schedule is now on a 5 day cycle.  If we miss a day of school, we still have the next scheduled special on the next day. 
    Lunch is at 11:15 a.m. each day. Please feel free to join your child. If you would like to order a school lunch, please notify the school of your lunch choice before 9 a.m.
    child in library

    Day 1
    10:10 am

    Don't forget your books!

    balss Day 2
    Health/Phys. Ed
    9:10 am
    Don't forget you need sneakers!
    Music notes

    Day 3
    10:10 am

    Child Painting Day 4
    10:10 am
    STEM Day 5
    10:10 am

Last Modified on July 14, 2019