Mount Nittany Elementary Addition Project

  • Following a demographic study and enrollment projections in 2022-2023, the overall enrollment in Mount Nittany Elementary School is not expected to decline to the level the building was designed to accommodate. In addition, the need for additional instructional space for support programs is not expected to decrease. As a result, in 2023 the Board of Directors hired Crabtree Rohrbaugh and Associates to design an addition for the school. The proposed design will include one classroom for each grade level and classrooms for STEM, instrumental music, and various support spaces in order to meet the needs of the student population and allow this building to contain similar instructional space to the last three elementary building projects being Corl St., Radio Park and Spring Creek.

    Design of this addition project is expected to continue into early 2024 with bidding and construction to begin in the fall of 2024.

Last Modified on November 17, 2023