Thank you to all of you who auditioned for The Wizard of Oz!

    You ALL did a fabulous job on your auditions and showed tremendous talent and courage up on stage. You should be very proud of yourselves. YOU ARE ALL SO BRAVE!

    Remember, casting named roles - as well as ensemble parts - is like putting a big jigsaw puzzle together. There are several factors that go into casting on top of talent --- not the least which includes vocal range, character type, stage presence, conflicts, past attendance, projection....etc….etc… This year, availability played a huge part in our casting because so many of you did such a great job. Each member of the cast is given the part they are given because that's where they fit in that puzzle. YOU ALL play a vital role in building that puzzle. Even if your part is not what you'd hope for, remember there is always a good and positive reason you are there. The role, or roles, you play in the show, or shows, is the place where you can make the biggest difference in making this an incredible experience for the entire State College Area community! YOU MATTER!

    Every year, casting decisions get harder and harder! We were truly overwhelmed by the amount of talent this group has. You made these choices extremely difficult, and many of you pleasantly surprised us.You were all THAT GOOD!

    So when you see the cast list, CELEBRATE! You are going to be a part of something so very specialand remember that we are SO VERY EXCITED to have you be a part of this! 



    The first rehearsal will be Monday, November 6th from 4-5:30 at MNMS. This will be the read through and we will distribute scripts.

    A more detailed rehearsal schedule for the first two weeks will be coming soon!! 


    One more VERY IMPORTANT thing: Some of you were cast in multiple roles, or in a role and an ensemble.

    PLEASE read each cast list entirely and make sure you are aware of ALL of your parts.

    The list is THREE pages long. Read every page!


    The Rehearsal Schedule is currently being built and will be sent out as soon as possible. 


    Crew will be announced at a later date.    


    The cast list can be found by clicking the link below:


    (and apologies if any names are misspelled. I tend to do that every time.)
Last Modified on November 3, 2023