• The Prince and Princess Ball


    Written by Hannah Bloom

    Directed by Hannah Bloom


    Cast List:

    Tinkerbell: Addyson Faussette

    Elsa: Hannah Smith

    Anna: Grace LeBreton

    Snow White:  Kara Weitzel

    Ariel: Jenny Heim 

    Aurora: Bri Dzyak 

    Belle: Hannah Crews

    Cinderella: Cece Vanness 

    Rapunzel: Hannah Bloom

    Maleficent: Audrey Shaner

    Prince Hans: Isaac Vanness

    Mother Gothel: Maddie Powell


    Tech Roles:

    Dance Captions / Assist Directors: Hannah Smith, Bri Dzyak

    Head Costumes: Julie Dehnel 

    Costume Assistant: Whitney McMullen

    Sound: Benjamin Sidore and Lily Geuther

    Photos by Cade Milinovich


    A special Thank you to Libby Snyder, Julie Snyder, Faith United Church of Christ, and Cade Milinovich!

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    This year the show will be at Faith United Church of Christ at 1: 30 pm on New Year's Eve! 


    The Princesses you know and love have come to State College to celebrate their happy ever afters! But when your favorite villains show up and demand they get a happy ending too, what will the Princesses do? Join us at the Prince and Princess Ball to find out!

Last Modified on January 26, 2024