Mailing Services

  • All outgoing district mail is processed through Printing Services. If you are planning a large mailing, contact a Printing Services staff member for information about USPS rules for mail piece design, addressing requirements, and ways to reduce the District's postage costs.

    Some of the mailing services offered include:

    • Addressing
    • Tabbing/Wafer Seals for Self-Mailers
    • Automated Envelope Inserting
    • Folding
    • Processing Bulk Mail

    Metered Mail Guidelines

    • Mail to be metered must have a return address and a building identifier on it for billing purposes. (It is OK to rubber band mail and put a card under the rubber band with the envelopes but make sure the card is secure.)
    • All mail requiring special services such as Certified, Registered, Priority, Express, etc. must have a building identifier on it.
    • Please rubber band envelopes that contain the same number of sheets.


    • Envelopes should face the same way.
    • Envelopes which require sealing must have the flaps closed.
    • Do not tuck flaps into envelopes as they will go into the mail stream unsealed.
    • Do not tape #10 envelopes (regular business envelopes) as the tape jams the equipment.
    • Please place tape over the metal clasp on large clasp envelopes as the metal clasp is not compatible with United States Postal Service equipment. (Use your existing supply of clasp envelopes, but try to purchase a regular gum, latex, or adhesive seal envelope for future use.)

    Keep separate from mail to be metered:

    • Mail that already has postage on it
    • International mail
    • Mail requiring special services, such as Certified letters.

    To save money on postage:

    • Use #10 envelopes; do not use envelopes larger than 6 1/8 x 11 1/2 inches.
    • Use our 1st class bulk permit when you have 500 or more pieces (contact Printing Services for more info).
    • Use our non-profit bulk permit when you have 200 or more pieces (contact Printing Services for more info).
Last Modified on December 12, 2023