Take Home Folder
    School work and notes from the teacher or the office should arrive home daily in a yellow Take Home Folder.  The sides of the folder are labeled "Stay at home" and "Return to school".  Any notes to the teacher or the office should be brought back to school every day in this same folder.

    Family Message Journal and Classroom Newsletter
    Every other Friday, the students will complete an entry in the Family Message Journal. Activities in reading, writing, math, and special events of the week will be included and sent home. Please feel free to write back to your child in the journal and return it to school the following Monday. The 1st grade team will send a monthly newsletter as well.
    Birthday Celebrations
    Birthdays are fun to celebrate at school! If you would like to provide a special treat, you are welcome to do so.  We currently have 19 students in our classroom. If your child has a summer birthday but would still like to celebrate at school, we could celebrate on the half way date or any other time that works for you and your child.  Please contact me to schedule this.
    Please check the district website for information about obtaining the necessary clearances to volunteer in the classroom and on field trips.
    Bruno the Traveling Brontosaurus
    Every Friday, our traveling classroom mascot, Bruno the Brontosaurus, will go home with a student and spend the weekend.  Bruno travels in his own backpack.  There is also a journal in the backpack that each student can write about what he/she and Bruno did together that weekend. The student will then share the journal with the class during our morning meeting the following Monday.
    20 Questions Box

    We will share a Twenty Questions Box on Fridays. The box will go home on Thursday each week with a different child who will put something inside that is special to him or her (and is parent approved). On Friday during Morning Meeting, the class will have twenty guesses to try and solve the puzzle of what is inside. The student will then have the opportunity to share their special treasure with the class and display it in the classroom for the day.

    Our lunch this year will begin at 11:55 and end at 12:30.  Parents are welcome to come in and eat with their students.  If you would like to order a lunch for that day, please email me by 7:45 or send a note in with your child with the lunch option you would like to order.
Last Modified on August 16, 2019