Room 181 Snack Calendar

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         A link for our monthly snack calendar is below.  Each student is asked to supply the classroom snack approximately once a month.  On your child’s assigned day please provide a healthy snack for the class; fruits, vegetables, cheese sticks, or items that do not have sugar as the main ingredient. Birthday treats are allowed and students will be assigned snack on or around their birthday. Please provide snack for 20 children. If you send in a snack that requires a utensil please provide plastic silverware.  Due to nut allergies please do not send in any snacks containing nuts. If your child has a food allergy and you would prefer to provide a daily snack from home for your child please contact me.  Thank you for helping to provide a healthy snack for our classroom. 


    September Snack Calendar







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Last Modified on August 31, 2019