Room 181 Snack Calendar

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    Snack is one our favorite times of the day. This year we will have our snack and morning recess at the same time. Each student is asked to supply the classroom snack approximately once a month.  On your child’s assigned day please provide a healthy snack for the class; fruits, vegetables, cheese sticks, or items that do not have sugar as the main ingredient. Birthday treats are allowed and your child will be assigned snack on or around his/her birthday.


    Please provide snack for 20 children. If you send in a snack that requires a utensil please provide plastic silverware.  Due to nut allergies please do not send in any snacks containing nuts.  Since a snack will be provided for the whole class there is no need for students to bring their own snack to school. If your child has special dietary concerns you are welcome to send in a supply of snacks for your child that we will keep in the cabinet.


    The snack calendar will be sent electronically each month. The calendar will also be posted to our class website. Additionally, I put a Snack Reminder in our classroom email.


    Thank you for helping to provide a healthy snack!


    January Snack Calendar








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Last Modified on January 3, 2020