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    You may have heard about a great new beginning to your child's school day! It's called Morning Meeting and it's a great way to build community, set a positive tone, increase excitement about learning, and improve social skills.

    Through my years as an educator, I have come to realize that my primary role is to make students feel safe and to build their self-esteem so they are willing to take risks in learning. All of the math and science I could possibly teach will go nowhere if a child doesn't feel good about himself/herself or feel welcome to take chances among classmates. Morning Meeting is one of the most successful ways I've found to make it all happen.

    Morning Meeting usually takes between fifteen and thirty minutes. First thing each morning, the children and I gather in a circle. We begin by greeting each other. Every day, your child hears his/her name spoken by a classmate in a friendly and welcoming manner.

    Next, a few students get a chance to share interesting news about himself/herself, followed by a conversation with the class. This helps students listen carefully, formulate good questions, and learn about one another. When your child shares, he'll/she'll have a chance to feel that his/her ideas are valued and the other children care.

    Morning Meeting lets the children in Room 120 know every day that school is a safe place where everyone's feelings and ideas are important. You're welcome to come and see a meeting "in action," or even take part in one by leading us in an activity or song! We'd love to have you help start our day in a great way!

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Last Modified on August 5, 2012