• Specials Schedule
     This year we will be using a five day cycle! This is is exciting as it means your child will never miss a special due to days off or snow days! I have found the easiest way as a parent to keep track of which day of the cycle it is, is to write it each week on our family schedule!  I will also be sure to include the information in my weekly newsletter. 
    Day 1: STEM with 
    Day 2: Music with Mrs. Begg (pdb11@scasd.org)
    Day 3: PE with Mrs. McDermott (slm20@scasd.org)
               Please be sure your child has sneakers and comfortable clothing for running, jumping, and                 climbing!
    Day 4:Library with Mrs. Collins (rjc11@scasd.org)
               Each week your child will need to return his/her borrowed books!
    Day 5: Art with Mrs. Wassom (mrw26@scasd.org)

Last Modified on August 24, 2018