• Park Forest Elementary
    Parent Involvement Policy

    It is the policy of the Park Forest Elementary Title I program to encourage active participation of parents and those in the role of parents to maintain effective schools. This policy includes a commitment to increase parent involvement by building a strong partnership emphasizing the shared responsibility among students, parents, and faculty. The following are ways each partner can do their part.

    Parents will help their children success by monitoring homework, reading at home with their child, and ensuring they have regular attendance. Parents are part of the goal setting conferences in October and April.

    Title 1 teachers will instruct students and help them increase their reading skills by using reading strategies. Title 1 teachers will communicate with parents on a regular basis. The Title 1 report card for students is send home in February and June. The Title 1 teachers also have a Title 1 Back to School Night where the teachers inform parents of the PAC or Parent Advisory council and encourage parent to participate at the buildings or district level. Several activities are planned throughout the school year to help increase the building of the strong partnership between teachers and parents.

    Students will read at home to improve their reading fluency and comprehension skills. Students are responsible to return 'take home' books and materials on time and return to school, the Title 1 plastic communication envelope.

    When all partners do their part, the result is a child that LOVES READING!

    Revised October 2015

Last Modified on December 1, 2015