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    Welcome to Mrs. Judy Shue's Vocal Music Program

    I  enjoy being a teacher at Radio Park and Corl Street Schools very much. My schedule includes four teaching days at Radio Park and Fridays at Corl Street where I teach one kindergarten and all of the first and second graders.  Each student of mine is important and very unique with their own individual talents.  I enjoy setting an environment where every student feels comfortable developing his or her own talents.
    My teaching career has been varied with many experiences in many different settings.  I have taught in a college setting, supervised student teachers, directed high school choirs and high school musical theory and music history classes,  Middle school musical choirs and music curriculum, pre-school and kindergarten school children on television and finally I am in a very rewarding elementary musical job at Radio  Park and Corl Street.
    I especially enjoy the challenge of co-ordination of  music with the classroom curriculum and the challenge of guiding students with instrument playing, dancing, singing and performing.  It is such a positive influence for the music program and the children's development when we have the positive reinforcement from the parents, grandparents and the community. 
    My philosophy is success is important for all students but it must be graduated so that it provides for all degrees of interest and capabilities.
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