We are going to have a very busy and exciting year with many opportunities of success for each individual student at Radio Park.  We will be singing, performing, improvising, composing, reading, notating, evaluating and understanding music in many cultures.  Each child will be given the opportunity to be the best he or she can be while  appreciating  the many diversities of styles in music.  The students learn to create explore and present.  They will be sharing through culminations and performances some done for audiences and some done only for the enrichment of students.

    Fifth graders are starting their year with dancing, singing, hand bells, boom whackers, recorders, orf instruments, Joia Tubes, and the xylophones.  Students are learning to play more proficiently by reading  the musical scores and then playing what they see.     Many are working on their individual talents for morning announcements, Slam Fair on February 23, 2011, nursing home visits in January, February and March,  talent shows in house,  District Chorus, and other musical events this year.   The fifth grade concert is scheduled for April 28, 2011.  It will be held at the High School South auditorium. 

    Third and fourth graders are singing, dancing, playing rhythm instruments, handbells, tone bells, recorders  hand bells, boom whackers, foot notes, xylophones and Sound Shapes.    Third graders are learning the basics of how to hold the recorder, play beginning notes, read rhythms and most importantly the responsibility of remembering the instrument on music day, taking care of the instrument and practicing the recorder a little each day.  Fourth graders are reviewing what they learned last year on the recorder ad are expanding their repertoire from simple melodies to more complicated rhythms and tunes.  The middle learning community will be having several talent shows, nursing home visits, morning announcements, musical sharing and a musical culmination program at the High School South on May 26, 2011.

    First and second graders have been dancing, playing instruments and singing. They have started their kazoo playing learning the concept of playing together as well as playing with good tone and pitch. The students will be presenting several programs through out the year.  Students will be encouraged to develop their individual talents in singing, dancing, playing instruments and in stage presentations.  Their culmination which will include dancing, singing, instruments and culmination learning will be presented at the High School South on May 12, 2011.

    Kindergarten has started the year singing, dancing, playing instruments, moving to rhythms and appreciating the talents of each other.   Their talents can be shared at the Slam Fair on February 23, 2011.

    Our 2010-2011 goal is for every child to find his or her individual talent and enrich their lives and others with it. Each student will be reaching and learning musical concepts of the nine National Musical Standards of children in their own grade level. Their units they are studying in other classes will also be reinforced by music and musical activities.  Please encourage your child to share their talents with you and others.


    Judy S hue

    Music Teacher

Last Modified on December 4, 2012