Radio Park Garden Photos
    Here are some photos taken during 2011. I think you can say the children enjoy being in the garden!

     ..and some from previous years. We'll be working to get them into a viewer format, along with more photos!

    Hooray for Miss Park's 2nd grade class - They appeared on the State College Area School District's Home Page!!!

    Miss Parks
    Radio Park students learn about planting and harvesting
    Radio Park School second grade students in Miss Park's class display pumpkins they harvested from the school garden. The pumpkin plants were grown from seed by the children. The pumpkins will be used in their classroom lessons. Principal Deirdre Bauer says, "The school garden is a big part of our school and each grade level plants and harvests. In this picture, the second graders harvest the pumpkins they planted as first graders."

    On Saturday, May 26, 2007 we had quite a crew come out to the garden in the morning to help weed and prepare the beds for new plants that were anxiously awaiting transplant from the classrooms. It was great to have parents and kids contribute a couple of hours and we accomplished a great deal with that additional help.

    Enjoy some of the photos from that work day!

Last Modified on January 1, 2012