• Morning Meeting - We begin each day with a morning meeting.  This is a very special time for our class to focus on the day ahead and to connect with our classmates.  Our meeting has four parts - greeting, sharing, news/announcements and a group activity. 
    Reader's Workshop -  Reader's Workshop begins with a class mini-lesson focused on a reading strategy. Students then practice our new strategy during their read to self time and confer with teachers. We also spend time meeting in guided reading or strategy groups before having a closing circle to share about our reading work. 
    Word Study - Each day we focus on word pattern skills that help students with their everyday writing and reading.
    Recess - Students go outside to play twice each day. We will have a 30 minute and a 15 minute recess each day.  Please be sure that your child is dressed for the weather since we do outside almost every day. 
    Writer's Workshop - Second grader's are wonderful writers!  Each day we spend time working to become even better writer's during writer's workshop.  This year, our writing will take many forms from personal narratives to poetry to report writing.  Throughout the workshop students are composing, editing, revising, conferencing and publishing their writing following a whole class mini lesson.   
    Math - Each day we investigate our math thinking through a variety of activities and experiences.  In addition to our math class time, we meet each day for number corner. 
    Lunch - We eat lunch in our classroom.  Families are welcome to join us anytime!
    Science and Social Studies - Our afternoons are spent focusing on unit related topics.
    Closing - We end our day by gathering together and reflecting on our day.
Last Modified on July 20, 2018