• Announcements the Week of March 2nd:


    •There is no school on Monday. It is an inservice day for teachers.

    •Tuesday is Day 3, so please don't forget to send library books to school after the three-day weekend.

    •We will be starting Unit 4 in reading this week. We will be working on nonfiction reading throughout this unit. This week, the children will be comparing and contrasting two books on the same topic.

    •We will be starting Unit 4 in writing this week. It is another informational writing unit. We will also be finishing up the writing connected to our "Then and Now" social studies unit.

    •In math, we will be starting Unit 6. It is a geometry unit that focuses on two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. This week, we will focus on 2D shapes and review vocabulary such as polygon, congruent, symmetry, sides, vertices, angles, triangle (and the kinds of triangles), square, rectangle, rhombus, trapezoid, parallelogram, pentagon, hexagon, and octagon.

    •Thursday is our "Radio Park Reads" event from 6:30-8:00PM. There will be different activities happening throughout the evening, and there will be a Scholastic Book Fair. I will be doing a read aloud at 6:45! Come see me!

    **Click here to see pictures of our classroom in action from February (I made a new link for the pictures I will upload until the end of the school year).


Last Modified on February 29, 2020