• Announcements the Week of January 20th:


    •In social studies, we will start making our personal timelines on Tuesday.

    •We will be taking the winter math MAP test on Wednesday, January 22nd.

    •Thursday is my last day before my surgery. I am going to make pancakes for the children that morning.

    •In math, we will be taking the Unit 4 test this week.

    •In writing, we will be writing "Wonderful, Incredible, So Good Very Great Day" stories.

    •In reading, we will be identifying the theme or life lesson of the story. The children need to use specific evidence from the text to support their thinking.

    **Check out our January pictures here!

    **RECESS REMINDER: Please be sure your children bring outside clothing for recess-hats, gloves, warm coats, boots, etc. Also, if we have a delay, we will not have recess that day.


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