• Announcements for the Week of November 11th:


    •In social studies, we will learn about Veterans Day on Monday. We are wearing red, white, and blue to school that day. Mr. Buccicone, Audrey's dad, will be coming to do a presentation for us. Happy Veterans Day to all of our Radio Park veterans!

    •In social studies, we will also learn about The Statue of Liberty this week.

    •In science, we will find out what happens when we mix two solids together.

    •In reading, we will continue to work on our nonfiction reading skills and focus on text features this week.

    •In writing, we will continue informational writing. We will also be writing our first pen pal letters to our pen pals in MISS Robert's second grade class at Mount Nittany Elementary.

    •In math, we will work on adding and subtracting numbers up to 100.

    •Library is on Tuesday. Please remind your child to bring those books to school on Tuesday.

    •We will be celebrating World Kindness Day on Wednesday.

    •Our P.E. day is Friday this week. Please be sure your child wears sneakers to school on Friday.




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