• Reader's Workshop
    Reader's Workshop is a way of structuring our ELA block so every child is independently engaged in meaningful reading and writing tasks on a daily basis. Like any activity, reading is something children get better at with practice.  In order to get better at reading, children must read for long stretches of time-with "just right" books, and be completely engaged with their reading. Using their self-selected books, I will work with the children to help them get better and better at reading, thinking about, and discussing books. I get to know each reader well so that I can support each reader's strengths and teach the individual strategies he/she needs to progress to the next level. My goal is to create lifelong, engaged readers who value time spent reading alone and time spent sharing their reading with others!

    Reading Mini Lesson
    I begin each readers workshop with a mini lesson. During this lesson, I teach and model specific reading strategies, often while doing a read aloud. After the mini lesson, the children practice the reading strategy with their own independent reading books.
    Small Group Instruction/Individual Instruction
    Small group instruction is one form of directed reading instruction that I will use in my classroom. The goal is always for the children to gain meaning and understanding from what they read, while reading fluently and with expression. I use this time to explicitly teach  strategies that will help the children build essential reading skills. Working in a small group helps the children build reading relationships with each other because it gives them a chance to hear other children share their reading process and their responses to text.
    Individual instruction is another way that I teach reading in my classroom. During Reader's Workshop, if I am not meeting with a small group, I am moving around the classroom conferring with individual readers.  During this time, I either teach or review a reading strategy and closely monitor the progress each child is making. I want the children using reading strategies independently and with confidence.


Last Modified on August 10, 2022