• Welcome

    Hi! My name is Mrs. Harter and I am the Art teacher at Radio Park.

    My phone number at school is (814) 272 - 4022 Calls will go directly to my email, so please leave a message .

    Welcome to our school!

    RADIO PARK ART SCHEDULE - Please dress appropriately to create!

    Monday morning Mrs. Grube 5th grade and Mrs. Warner, Intermediate  have Art class.

    Monday afternoon Mrs. Grim Kindergarten and Mrs. Gratz Primary class.

    Tuesday morning Mrs. Calderone and Ms. Herberger Intermediate class.

    Tuesday afternoon I travel to Easterly Pkwy.  and Corl Street classes.

    Wednesday morning Ms. Walcavich 5th grade and Ms. McLaughlin Intermediate

    Wednesday afternoon Mrs. Kur and Mrs. Bloom Primary classes.

    Thursday morning Mr. Calderone 5th grade,  Ms. Jobe's Intermediate Art class, and Ms. Garban Primary

    Thursday afternoon Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Robert Primary classes.

    Friday morning Ms. Roe  5th grade , Mrs. Zupon Intermediate, Mrs. Garlicki Kindergarten.

    Friday afternoon Mrs. Kur and Mrs. Yahner primary classes.

Last Modified on October 7, 2011