• Academic Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences
     Interpersonal Communication:  8 Lessons

    Effective communication is an important relationship skill.

    PA FCS Standards:

    11.2.3 H   Identify how to resolve conflict using interpersonal communication skills.

    11.2.3 H   Describe positive and negative interactions within patterns of interpersonal communications.

      Food Science: 22 Lessons

    Food choices and preparation techniques impact my health and well-being.

    PA FCS Standards:

    11.3.6 A   Demonstrate knowledge of techniques used to evaluate food in various forms.*

    11.3.6 B   Describe safe food handling techniques.

    11.3.6 C   Analyze factors that affect food choices.

    11.3.6 F   Analyze basic food preparation techniques and food-handling procedures.

    11.3.6 G   Describe the physical, biological, and chemical changes that take place in food


    11.2.6 B  Deduce the importance of time management skills for home, school and recreational activities.

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