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    6th Grade - Marissa Hickey (Blue and Yellow Teams)
    In 6th grade music, students will experience a "hands on" curriculum that is built on the musical skills learned in elementary school. Areas of exploration include singing, rhythm activities, movement/dance, composition, instrument performance, and composer study. The primary instruments used in the classroom are the recorder and the Orff instruments (a collection of xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels, and other percussion instruments.)  String instruments, including the dulcimer and banjo, are introduced as well. Students are expected to put their musical knowledge into practice by participating in various performance-based activities. Music class meets twice per 6-day cycle, and grades are given at the end of  the 2nd and 4th marking periods.

    7th Grade - Nathan Glocke (Green and Purple Teams)

    7th grade General Music covers a wide range of topics, and includes hands-on and performance activities as well as exploration and analysis of styles and events that shaped our world's history. There will be classroom singing, guitar playing, opportunities to compose original music, and explore the 19th and 20th Century art forms known as Program Music and the Musical Theatre.  General Music meets every day for one semester and grades are awarded for both marking periods during that time.  

    8th Grade - Heather Brewer (Red and Orange Teams)

    All 8th grade students take a semester of music which meets every day of the cycle. The course involves a variety of musical subjects with special emphasis on singing, theory & ear training, composition, analysis, music history, and keyboard skills.
Last Modified on August 17, 2022