6th Grade Band - Erik McDonough

    6th Grade Instrumental Music Performance is an elective that meets three periods per cycle; once in a small homogeneous group setting and twice in a large ensemble during our AREA period on days 2 and 4.

    The text book used in the small group setting focuses on reviewing concepts, skills and information learned in 4th and 5th grade but at a higher level of proficiency and understanding in keeping with the spiral curriculum.

    In both settings students will learn proper warm-up, tune-up, and focusing techniques, proper etiquette in the rehearsal and concert environment, technique development, ensemble skills and sight reading. Within this curriculum, students can expect to perform a varied repertoire of music including Marches, Jazz, Pop, International and Lyrical styles which will be performed in a culminating concert experience in the Spring.

    Students may sign up for Band during the first cycle of school. Their homeroom teacher will let them know when and where the sign up will occur. Beginners are welcome. 

    7th Grade Band - Matthew Nelson

    7th Grade Band is an elective course. It is intended for students who started instrumental music lessons in elementary school and are interested in improving their skills. The band meets two periods per six-day cycle. A third rehearsal takes place during AREA. In rehearsals students work on concepts of ensemble playing while preparing for two concerts. Band members are also required to attend one music lesson each six day cycle in a small group lesson held during school hours on a rotating basis. 

    8th Grade Band - Matthew Nelson

    8th Grade Band is an elective course. It is intended for students interested in improving their skills. Participation in 7th grade band, or an audition with the 8th grade band director is a prerequisite. The band meets three periods per cycle (two classes and one AREA). In rehearsals students continue working on increased skills of ensemble playing while preparing for two concerts. Once a six-day cycle music lessons continue to be a requirement. A few advanced players may be eligible to participate in Centre County Band.

    Symphonic Band

    Symphonic Band is a select group comprising mostly 8th grade band members. Selection into the group is based on an audition with the director. Symphonic Band meets once per cycle during AREA and additional rehearsals outside of school time are held as needed.

    Jazz Band

    Jazz Band is a select group of musicians who are interested in learning improvisation and jazz playing techniques. Interested students participate in a jazz improvisation class during the first AREA cycle before auditioning for the group. Rehearsals are once a six-day cycle during AREA and after school as needed.

Last Modified on February 2, 2024