Welcome to the Green Team!
    The Green Team teachers are excited to be working with you this coming school year. Below we have provided a shopping list of items that you will need for each subject. It will be helpful for you to have these items when school starts.  The school will not be providing an assignment book this year.  However, one may be purchased for $5.00 at Back-to-School Night.
    1. Three-ring binders:
      •    One separate 1-inch binder with lined loose-leaf paper and for science class;
      •    Math and social studies can be organized in larger shared binders or separate binders
      •    One separate 1-inch binder with lined, loose-leaf paper and 5 divider tabs for Academic Literacy (Ac Lit) class
    2. One two-pocket folder for English (to store class work and assessments in the English classroom) 
    3. Pencils (with pencil sharpeners)
    4. One colored fine pen or marker to correct math work
    5. Calculator available at home (four function is fine) 
    6. Loose-leaf paper for the 4 separate class binders
    7. Pencils (with extra erasers)
    8. Two sets of wired earbuds (one to keep in music class and one to keep in your locker/carry to other classes) Wireless earbuds are not permitted. 
    9. Pencils (with pencil sharpeners and erasers) ♥
    10. Colored pencils
    11. 3-4 highlighters of various colors for Ac Lit
    12. 3-4 different colored pens for Ac Lit
    1. Glue sticks
    2. Tape
    3. Dictionary and atlas (for use at home) 


    1. Two boxes of tissues (for homeroom) 
    2. Disinfectant wipes ( for homeroom)
    3. Ziploc bags for math class. 
    We hope this list will help you shop for the upcoming school year. We feel that, by having all of these items early, we can encourage good study habits. We are glad that you are a part of the Green Team and will see you in August.
    The Green Team Teachers
Last Modified on August 14, 2019