Below is a list of supplies that will ensure your student is prepared for 7th grade.
    Click here to download a PDF of this list to take to the store. 

    Purple Pack Supply List

    This year, an assignment book will not be issued to each student. We recommend that each student purchase an assignment book to assist in organization.

    In addition, it is requested that students have the following supplies:


    1) 2 boxes of tissues

    2) plenty of pencils (never too many)

    3) two sets of inexpensive pairs of earbuds (One pair will remain in music class and the other will be kept in your locker for other classes.)

    4) optional: ZipLoc bags (quart, sandwich, or snack size)

    5) optional: Clorox or Lysol wipes




    1) 1 two-pocket folder

    2) pens or pencils


    1) pencils and colored pens for corrections

    2) individual 3 ring binder 

    3) spiral-bound notebook

    4) calculator 

    5) thin dry erase markers

    6) roll of clear tape to leave in math classroom


    1) individual 3 ring binder with separate pocket for papers.

    2) notebook paper for binder

    3) composition book for journaling (.50 from Staples)  

    4) bring pencil every day

    Social Studies:

    1) individual 3 ring binder with notebook paper OR spiral-bound notebook


    Academic Literacy:
    1) individual 3 ring binder (1 1/2")
    2) 5 divider tabs
    3) pencils
    4) 3-4 highlighters
    5) self-selected book
    6) charged chromebook

    Art (Fall):  

    1) 6 pencils with name


    Music (Spring): 

    1) pencils

    2) earbuds (must leave this pair in the music classroom)



Last Modified on August 23, 2019