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    8th­ Grade English

    The 8th­ grade English program builds on the language arts skills developed in 7th grade. Students read and critically analyze novels, short stories, plays, poetry, and nonfiction. Writing instruction continues to focus on developing skills in expository, narrative, and argument writing. Students will engage in process writing that requires them to apply formal instruction in writing strategies, grammar, mechanics, and style. Discussions and presentations are designed to strengthen speaking and listening skills. Student achievement is assessed through teacher-prepared assessments such as writing assignments, group and individual projects, presentations, and tests and quizzes.

    8th Grade English Units of Study

    Ideal Society

    During this unit, students will...

    Explore dystopian literature to analyze, draw inferences, cite textual evidence to support generalizations and draw conclusions. 

    Students will write to make claims using claim, evidence, and reasoning strategies. 

    Students will also explore how authors make a commentary on societal issues through fictional genres. 


    Perspective and Evidence

    During this unit, students will...

    Examine how observation, descriptive language, and inquiry are used in the text of mystery literature.  
    Students will write a nonfiction narrative essay at the culmination of the unit. 

    Taking a Stand

    During this unit, students will...

    Write a position paper demonstrating how to use information/research to make arguments. 

    Students will also prepare and present a speech.


    Societal Justice and Injustice

    During this unit, students will...         

    Examine the ideas of justice and fairness using excerpts from the texts To Kill a Mockingbird and Just Mercy. 

    They will identify how literary elements enhance meaning with a concentration on a theme. 

    Students will write a literary essay at the culmination of the unit.


    Life Lessons and Dreams 
    During this unit, students will...

    Take stock of their academic and personal attributes in order to set goals for the year. (done at the start of the school year)

    Students will read texts analyzing and evaluating the success of others to generalize what it takes to be successful.

    Students will spend the last weeks of the school year reflecting on individual learnings and growth from their 8th-grade year. 

    Students will analyze how writers use words and phrases to create meaning. 

    Students will also consider audience and purpose in writing and how they can be used to create an effective message. 

    Students will write an informative letter to themselves at the culmination of the unit.


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