•  French in politics, culture, and business

    In the new study from US News & World Report, France was recently ranked the world’s top cultural trendsetter:

    "It is difficult to overstate the influence France has on the world, both in the past and today," reads the report."France is one of the world’s oldest countries, and its reach extends around the globe through science, politics, economics and perhaps above all, culture," it adds.  (click to read article)


    French is one of the five official languages of the United Nations:

    French claims the spot of the 3rd most important global business language, after English and Chinese (Bloomberg), and the 2nd business language of the European zone after English (but still ahead of German, Russian, Italian and Spanish).  


    French, along with English, is the official working language of:

    • the United Nations, UNESCO, NATO
    • Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
    • the International Labor Bureau
    • the International Olympic Committee
    • the 31-member Council of Europe
    • the European Community
    • the Universal Postal Union
    • the International Red Cross
    • Union of International Associations (UIA).


    Business in Canada: Canada is currently our second largest trading partner:


    Most native French speakers in Canada live in Quebec, where French is the majority official language. About 80% of Quebec's population are native francophones, and 95% of the population speak French as their first or second language. 

     French is the first and second language of several African nations:

    Map of Francophone Countries in Africa  

Last Modified on June 2, 2016