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    Welcome to the 7th grade science class on the Green Team. I look forward to working with each of you throughout the year.  The best way to prevent problems is to keep an open line of communication. I would like to encourage all parents and students to feel comfortable contacting me for any reason. I would also like to express my willingness to provide all students with any additional help, or instruction, that is needed.  

    My e-mail address is brf12@scasd.org


    Welcome Back - Getting to Know You Questionnaire


    Science Mission Statement

    The goal of science education is to prepare students to be responsible citizens in an increasingly complex and dynamic world. The State College science curriculum provides students with the foundations to understand the inner workings of this world using scientific processes and concepts from all fields of endeavor: earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics. This multi-disciplinary approach, based around the Next Generation Science Standards, promotes curiosity and builds content knowledge along with core science practices to develop scientifically literate citizens.


    Course Description

    This course of study is designed for students at any ability level. Using the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), students will develop an understanding of energy, the particulate nature of matter, weather, plate tectonics, and their effects on the environment. To help students better understand the science concepts embedded in these units, the appropriate NGSS Science Practices and Crosscutting Concepts will be applied. Emphasis is given to the development of quantitative skills necessary for scientific measurement and establishing evidence based explanations and conceptual models. Throughout the course students will develop good reading skills, motivation, perseverance and the ability to share thinking both verbally and in written form. The course includes hands-on/minds-on and STEM related activities, as well as laboratory experiences correlated with large and small group work. 

    Topics Covered:  This is not in sequential order as some topics are subject to seasons.

    Where Has All The Energy Gone?

    We will be investigating the nature of energy, different types, and how it transforms

    Under Pressure!

    We will be investigating kinetic theory of matter, pressure, gas law relationships

    Here Comes The Story Of The Hurricane.

    We will be investigating Weather and air masses, the hydrosphere, phase changes, climate factors, and material flow and energy

    I Felt The Earth Move Under My Feet?

    We will be investigating plate tectonics, Earth’s changing surface, and material flow and energy

    I Will Survive!

    We will be investigating changes within Ecosystems and natural disaster mitigation.

    I will be using the CANVAS Learning Management System for all classroom assignments, presentations, journaling, and online discussions. Parent limited access is available. 
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