• Statement of Purpose

    The State College Area School District believes that the education of youth is a shared task involving parents, community groups, the schools, and the students themselves.  As a primary member of that education team, the district serves both directly in the instruction and guidance of its students and indirectly in assisting and supporting the efforts of the other members of the team.
    In fulfilling its responsibility, the district asserts an uncompromising commitment to educational excellence that will be reflected in the content, materials, activities, and methods employed in the classroom, in the fair and equitable treatment of all individuals within the school system, and in the maintenance of a flexible and responsive school system organization. 
    Excellence cannot be attained unless the ideals of equality and human dignity are honored and promoted.  Thus, the quest for educational excellence will be complemented by a corresponding commitment to the fundamental principles of our democratic society.  Finally, in carrying out these functions, the district will seek to develop effective partnerships with parents, citizens, and the community, businesses, vocational training institutions, and the university to enrich the total education of its students.

Last Modified on November 30, 2011