6th Grade Units of Study

    In the Spring of 2018, the SCASD Board of School Directors approved an updated Science Curriculum that was developed in conjunction with the NGSS, or Next Generation Science Standards, for the United States.

    A main component of the NGSS is to develop a series of lessons and experiences where students will observe, discuss, and/or engage in exploration of phenomena that fit into a broader “storyline” of discovery.  Very much like the Connected Mathematics Program, each lesson is designed to expand understandings and discoveries of prior lessons in order to build an increasing framework for understanding driving questions.

    The new curriculum for 6th grade was initially implemented during the 2018-2019 academic year and will be refined and developed each year moving forward.

    There are two “driving questions” that will be explored during each student’s sixth grade experience:  “What is Life?” and “(What is) My Place in Space?” An application/project experience may be explored should time permit before the end of the 6th grade year.

Last Modified on August 19, 2018