ADOPTED: September 27, 1999



    The Board recognizes the value to school governance of public comment on educational issues and the importance of involving members of the public in Board meetings.


    65 P.S.

    271 et seq

    The Board shall establish guidelines to govern public participation in Board meetings necessary to conduct its meetings and to maintain order.

    65 P.S.


    In order to permit fair and orderly expression of public comment, the Board shall provide an opportunity at each open meeting of the Board for residents and taxpayers to comment on matters of concern, official action or deliberation before the Board prior to official action by the Board.

    The Board shall provide an opportunity for public comment following Board discussion and prior to official action of the Board.

    The Board shall provide an opportunity for public comment at the beginning of each meeting on any subject not on the Board agenda.

    If the Board determines there is not sufficient time at a meeting for public comments, the comment period may be deferred to the next regular meeting or to a special meeting. The Board can define specific rules to ensure orderly presentation and discussion at special meetings.


    of Responsibility

    The presiding officer at each public Board meeting shall follow Board policy for the conduct of public meetings. Where his/her ruling is disputed, it may be overruled by a majority of those Board members present and voting.


    Whenever issues identified by the participant are subject to remediation under policies and procedures of the Board, they shall be dealt with in accordance with those policies and procedures.

    The Board requires that public participants be residents or taxpayers of this district, any district employee, or any district student.

    Participants must be recognized by the presiding officer and must preface their comments by an announcement of their name, address, and group affiliation, if applicable.

    Each statement made by a participant shall be limited to five (5) minutes duration unless otherwise announced at the beginning of the meeting.

    No participant may speak more than once on the same topic, unless all others who wish to speak on that topic have been heard.

    All statements shall be directed to the presiding officer; no participant may address or question Board members individually.

    Electronic recording devices and cameras, other than those used as official recording devices, will be permitted at meetings under rules provided by the Board.

    The meeting agenda and all pertinent documents shall be distributed to the press and public at Board meetings.

    PA Statute

    65 P.S.

    271 et seq

    710.1 (A)

    Board Policy


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