• ART PROJECTS WITH MRS. NELSON: Assignments for the year - art 6th grade


    1. Maintain ONline Art Site (once established in the fall of 6th grade)



    ART SITE:  create, maintain site and develop artist statement, reflections, art goals 

    CLAY: 1. pottery vessel 2. clay sheets 3. research

    LANDSCAPES OR PERSPECTIVE: 1. pastel "painting" 2. written ideas 3. collage/pastel piece & description

    CARTOONING: 1. panels, lettering  2. sound / motion / depth  3.  dialogue

    PRINTMAKING & PATTERNS: 1. ghosts 2. tiling/overlapping 3. off-registering

    WEAVING: 1. tabby 2. dovetail 3. final with mistakes/description

    MQTA:  design work- communicating and collaborating  (Meaningful Question and Target Audience)

    RECYCLE ART: 1. video & discussion 2. assembling

    METAL WORKS:  jewelry to repousse

    DRAWING : 1. art elements  2. value  3. cubes and cylinders  4. contour  5. observational drawing   6. volume and value 7. figures-stick form and Greek   8. landscape and space  9. pizza/radial drawing 10. Egyptian portraits  11.mazes & lines

    PUBLIC ART: murals, Outdoor art, sculpture

    This will be most of what we do this year.

    Why do you think artists like to wear black? Because it’s their favorite color?  Actually it’s easier to clean or make a mess on!  Dress colorful on your art days, (usually repeats, like music, on days 1&4, 2&5, 3&6)

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