• A Little about Mrs. Howley

    Hi, My name is Lorraine Howley and I live with my husband, John and Guinness, our dog, in Boalsburg, PA.
    Mr. Howley and I have 4 children, James and our daughter in law, Joanna, who live in Harrisburg, PA, Our oldest daughter Anastacia, son-in-law Alton and grand dog Toki live in Atlanta, Georgia, our daughter Caitlin, has just become the Operations Manager for Kid to Kid and Uptown Cheapskate and currently living in Boalsburg, PA. Our youngest daughter, Sara, our horse, Colorful Shamrock, aka Rocky, and our grand dogs Stella and Luna are living and teaching Horseback riding in Virginia.
    Mrs. Howley loves to read (as most teachers do), crochet, cross stitch, knit, play with Guinness and watch and attend College basketball games, especially Villanova.
    I have a Masters in Teaching and Learning Students with Special Needs from Kaplan University and a bachelors degree from Neumann University in Aston, PA in Political Science and Secondary Education.
    I believe every student has the ability to learn. It is finding the modality in which a student learns that is the challenge. With cooperation between home and school each student will learn how they grasp information best and be able to share what they have learned with their peers, grown ups at home, and teacher.
    8th grade Social Studies
    Lets us explore what it means to be a citizen and the responsibility that comes with our citizenship. We will look at the Constitution and our government.


Last Modified on September 16, 2020