The Pennsylvania Department of Health mandates health screenings for all students in grades K-12. The middle school mandates are listed below. A referral for medical evaluation will be mailed home if a problem is noted during the vision, hearing, dental, or scoliosis screening.

    VISION: For all students every year.

    HEARING: For all 7th graders and new students.

    HEIGHT AND WEIGHT: For all students every year. BMI (body mass index) is calculated from the height/weight data and BMI results are available to parents on parent portal or by contacting the school nurse.

    DENTAL: Done by student's private dental provider for 7th graders. Form completed by dental provider and turned into school nurse. School dental screenings offered in the spring. 

    SCOLIOSIS (A lateral curvature of the spine): Done by the school nurse (March/April) for all 6th and 7th graders without a physical or PIAA sports examination. The screening is done privately and the child is required to remove their shirt. A physical therapist from Mount Nittany Medical Center will re-screen any students, if an asymmetry was noted by the nurse. A parent will be notified before the physical therapist visits in late April. A parent will be notified of the physical therapist's evaluation and if further medical evaluation is recommended.

    I am happy to re-screen your child at any time during the year if you have any concerns regarding height, weight, vision, or hearing. Please call Allison Snyder at 272-8556.
Last Modified on January 16, 2019