• 8th GradeWorld Language Placement


    During the 3rd marking period, all 7thgrade World Language students complete a cumulative assessment to measure theirmastery of the curriculum.  Inaddition, this assessment is used as one of the criteria for determining which8th grade language course will be recommended for students.


    The following is alist of criteria used to determine recommendations:


    ·     Score on the cumulative assessment.

    ·     Progress in the 7th grade WorldLanguage course.

    ·     Study and organizational skills.

    ·     Class participation.

    ·     Input from team teachers.


    After careful consideration of the above criteria, yourchild’s World Language teacher will recommend either the 8th gradeexploratory course, or the Level 1 language course.


    The 8thgrade exploratory course:


    ·     Meets every other day.

    ·     Expands upon the vocabulary and grammar learnedin the 7th grade course.

    ·     Qualifies students to take the Level 1Experienced course in 9th grade.


    The Level 1 course:


    ·     Meets every day.

    ·     Requires a significant amount of work and effortfrom the students. 

    ·     Is the same as the Level 1 course at the highschool.

    ·     Qualifies students who have completed itsuccessfully to take the Level 2 course in 9th grade.


    If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’splacement in the 8th grade World Language curriculum, please contactyour child’s World Language teacher.

Last Modified on November 13, 2012