• The process of strategic planning for school districts in Pennsylvania is required by the Department of Education. Our school district has a long, successful history of planning guiding its efforts and of positive community involvement. Last year, the Pennsylvania Department of Education adjusted the process of strategic planning for all public schools by creating a new e-Strategic Planning requirement that blends the strategic plan with other required plans in Special Education, Technology, Professional Development, Teacher Induction, and Student Services. The focus is heavily on incorporation of the academic standards and student achievement, which have traditionally been at the center of our planning efforts.

    This year, our district is in another cycle of strategic planning, culminating in the submission of a completed plan to the Department of Education in September 2007. As in the past, the district is actively seeking the involvement of community members, parents, students, and school district employees in the development of this next six-year plan. Please see the link at left for ways to participate  in the 2007-2013 Strategic Plan.

    Please click on the links at left to learn more about our current Strategic Plan and the process for planning the 2007-2013 Strategic Plan.
Last Modified on January 8, 2013