• What is Strategic Planning?

    Beginning in the early 1990s, the Pennsylvania Department of Education has required school districts to develop strategic plans on a six-year cycle with a mid-point review and update. Strategic planning is a dynamic process through which members of the school community work together cooperatively to chart the future direction of the school district. Through the planning process, a district vision and beliefs are developed; instructional and operational goals are identified; objectives and strategies are devised; and methods for evaluation and revision are developed. The end result of the implementation of the strategic plan is improved instructional opportunities for all students and commensurate student achievement.

    How was the plan developed?

    A Strategic Planning Leadership Team was appointed by the Board of School Directors at the February 26, 2007 Board meeting. This team, numbering more than 40 members, was composed of stakeholder groups including students, parents, school district personnel, school directors, as well as community leaders representing business, early childhood education, post secondary education, youth services, and local government. This team brought a broad array of perspectives to our planning process.

    This team had the task of reviewing and revising, as needed, our belief and vision statements, examining our progress in meeting our 2001-2007 goals, conducting an internal analysis of system strengths and areas for growth, and complete an external scan of factors influencing education. The team recommended goals for our 2007-2013 plan as they relate to our mission statement.

    Once the overall goals were developed, administrative, faculty, and staff work groups and Citizen Advisory Committees were charged with drafting action plans. The draft strategic plan came to the Board of School Directors for public review in August, with action in September to meet the required submission date of September 30, 2007.

    Review the 2007-2013 STRATEGIC PLAN

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