• The district invited community feedback through newspaper ads, a special edition of Horizon, and a response form on our web site. This is the information that was included in those venues.

    Dear Community Member,

    You are invited to help shape the future of the State College Area School district. During the spring and summer of 2007, the District will be developing a new six-year strategic plan. As our world continues to change at an increasingly rapid rate, determining the District's future needs, activities, and objectives is a challenging task. It is a task that requires our best thinking and a sound decision-making process.

    Our mission is to "prepare students for lifelong success through excellence in education." We will accomplish this by carefully balancing continuity and change, taking thoughtful and purposeful action to build upon current system strengths, redefining what is possible in public schools, developing our organizational creativity, maintaining positive partnerships with parents and our community, and, above all, keeping our eyes on the future for which we are preparing our students.

    With high quality educational programs for all students as our goal, we expect to develop a six-year plan that is dynamic and productive. We hope you will choose to accept our invitation to become a planning partner by participating in the State College Area School District's Futures Forum or sharing your perspectives to the four questions that will be discussed in the Forum's small group breakout sessions.


    Patricia L. Best
    Superintendent of Schools

    Please consider participating by:

    Attending the District's Futures Forum
    You are invited to participate in the Futures Forum on Saturday, March 31, 2007 from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Mount Nittany Middle School. The morning will open with a general session focused on opportunities and challenges in preparing our students for their futures. Speakers include the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Education (via videotape) and leaders from higher education and our business community. Following the general session, breakout groups will meet to offer ideas and provide feedback to the four key questions. Summaries of the responses will be shared with the Strategic Planning Leadership Team to support their work.

    Please register by Monday, March 26, either by phone 231-1062 (24 hours a day) or via email to Cathie Kenny, Registrar, at cjk12@scasd.org.

    Sharing your perspectives with us
    Please take a few minutes to share your ideas on these four questions by emailing info@scasd.org:

    1. In your opinion, what are we doing well that we should continue doing?

    2. In what areas could we do better?

    3. What should we be doing that we are not currently doing?

    4. Of all the possible directions we could take during the next five to ten years, which ones do you think offer the greatest promise of meeting the future educational needs of our students?
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