• Classroom Celebrations & Rewards
    SCASD elementary schools will meet the following standards:
    • Classroom parties will offer minimal amount of foods (maximum 2-3 items) that contain added sugar as the first ingredient and will provide the following:
      • Fresh fruits and vegetables.
      • Water, 100% fruit juice or milk.
    • Food will not be used as a reward for classroom or school activities unless the reward is an activity that promotes a positive nutrition message (ie., guest chef, field trip to a farm or farmers market, etc.)

    Parents and teachers at all grade levels will be made aware of the district's commitment to wellness and will be encouraged to provide healthy snacks.  Healthy-food or non-food rewards and celebrations will be encouraged.

    This does not mean that we can never have cupcakes in our classrooms.  But, please consider incorporating healthy foods into celebrations and eliminating the use of candy to reward children.

    Visit these links for healthful celebration and reward ideas:
    Healthy Celebrations from the Connecticut State Department of Education

    Party Ideas from the University of California Cooperative Extension and the Children's 5 a Day-Power Play! Campaign

    Food Free Ideas from the Massachusetts Public Health Association

    Halloween Ideas from the Center for Science in the Public Interest

    Healthy Snacks from the Center for Science in the Public Interest

    Birthday Baskets delivered to a child's classroom from the SCASD Food Service Department
Last Modified on March 29, 2016