• Health Expectations
    Health class should be an enjoyable experience for all students.  Why?  It's your life!!  With that in mind, we will learn about a variety of health topics that will involve using mutli-media (PowerPoint, videos, web access, imovie, etc), question/answer, discussion, presentations, and the good old textbook.   
    Late work:
    Any assignment turned in late will result in a loss of 5 points per day.  Assignments will not be accepted after 5 school days.  All assignments later than the aforementioned 5 days will result in a zero. 
    Missing quizzes, unit tests, and other assignment dates:
    Students who miss quizzes, unit tests, or other assignment due dates MUST see me ASAP. Please do not wait until the next health class--it could be a week or more before a student sees me again. These items may or may not be made up during class time. (Done on an individual basis--depends on what is being covered in class that day.) If a student cannot make up the work during class--AREA or study halls will be used. All legal absences--are excused. Passes to the nurse (except emergency reasons) without my permission on a due date--results in a zero.
    Grades are calculated by a total number of points for the semester. Each assignment will receive a point total. We can have over 800 points for a given semester. 
Last Modified on March 6, 2017