Course Overview: The social studies curriculum in 8th Grade is civics. The units of study are listed below. Almost everything we do in person will also be available on CANVAS. This includes all readings, assignments, activities, and discussions. Since we do not have online textbooks, I will post appropriate sections of the textbook when needed. Although the textbook is loosely used as a curricular guide, I provide students with other avenues of learning. Students will participate in virtual class discussions and debates, analysis of primary sources, virtual cooperative group work, a variety of reading and writing assignments and interactive activities.  Students will also learn research skills and formal writing skills throughout this course. 
    Course Description:  Civic and economic education is essential for active participation by informed citizens. The course will emphasize a study of government and individual rights and responsibilities. Students will explore the structure of the federal government, as outlined in the U.S. Constitution, and the organization of state and local governments. Students will develop the skills to make informed decisions, to resolve conflicts peacefully, to articulate and defend positions, and to engage in the civic and political life of their communities.

    Units of Study (order may vary):

    Unit 1: So You Want to Be a Citizen

    Unit 2: Let Me Read You Your Rights

    Unit 3: Three Ring Circus

    Unit 4: I Approve This Message

    Unit 5: Close To Home

    Class Rules and Expectations:

    1. Please come to class prepared. You will need to bring the following to class:

    • Chromebook

    *Please be on time to class each day! 

    2. Absences: If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check my classroom calendar on my website or see me for the work you missed. You have one make up day for every day of class you miss. If you are absent from school for multiple days, then extended time may be given to make up work. I am flexible with make-up work as long as you communicate with me!

    3. Grades:
    Grades are based on points. Your total number of points will be converted to a percent out of the total points possible. Grades are based on the following:

    • Tests/Assessments: There will be a final test or other assessment after each unit. Assessments may include tests or projects. 
    • Homework/Classwork: Homework and classwork will be randomly assigned. There will not be much homework in this class as long as students use their time wisely to complete classwork. 
    • Projects and class activities: Both projects and activities (individual and group) will occur throughout the year. At least one project or activity will occur for each unit. A daily agenda and homework assignments will be written on the board at all times. Students share responsible for recording due dates in their assignment book.

    4. Help: please ask me at ANY time for help, if you do not understand something we did in class or an assignment that has been given. AREA is a wonderful time to go over anything that you don't understand.

Last Modified on August 19, 2021