• Welcome to 6th grade Choir at PFMS
    All choir students will meet during Day 4 or 5 AREA in the auditorium or room 451 
    If you are not signed up for choir but would like to be
    send me an email to blm18@scasd.org
    let me know at our choir meeting on Friday August 29th
    ask your counselor to sign you up
    Choir is a graded class so please be mindful that once you are committed you need to finish your class. We will not permit dropping after the third cycle of school until after the winter concert. Thank you for your cooperation.  
    Important Dates please mark your calendar
    Attendance REQUIRED

    Winter Choral Concert Tuesday December 10th ~ 7:30 pm - arrive at 7:00 pm to room 451 for warm ups
    Spring 6th Grade Choir and Band Concert
    Tuesday, May 19th, 2020 at 7:30 pm 
    Reception following concert in the PFMS cafeteria
    Students arrive to the music room by 7:00 pm
    Looking for parent volunteers for reception and food donations - genius sign up will be sent to you closer to the time
    After school rehearsal to prepare for our Spring concert 
    May 4th 4:00 - 5:30 at PFMS auditorium 


    6th GRADE CHOIR at PFMS 



    I look forward in sharing this year with you and helping you develop your voice, your ears, and your musicianship through the gift of singing.

    It is better to try and fail than to fail to try...

    Sixth Grade Choir is an opportunity for 6th graders of both teams to come together and participate in a large choir ensemble. For most of you, this is your first experience singing in a group this large. You will have the opportunity to focus your vocal skills while blending in a group. You will learn various dynamics, articulation, and meter. You will perform in two concerts: December 12, Winterfest Concert including the 7th and 8th grade choirs and May 2, 6th Grade Choir and Band Spring Concert. Did I mention we also like to have as much fun as possible...which happens throughout our time together.


    Some basic information:


    Any 6th grade student is eligible to participate in the choir. There are no auditions prior to membership, and the doors are open to anyone who has a desire to sing. So come along and bring a friend!


    Choir is scheduled as a class. This means regular attendance at rehearsals, good participation, and completion of all requirements will be graded. Each marking period report card will include a grade for 6th Grade Choir determined by evaluation of the components listed above and elaborated upon below.


    6th Grade Choir meets during Day 4 or 5 AREA.
    Students will be required to meet during other area days twice per marking period for sectionals. I will provide a rotation on when you attend your small group lesson which will occur twice per marking period. This will help you fine tune your singing skills and learn your parts more effeciently. If you cannot attend the area you are assigned you would need to attend one of the make up areas to make up your small group lesson before the end of the marking period.  


    Rehearsals are normally held in the auditorium during day 5 area. This gives us an opportunity to rehearse in our concert "arena" to get used to the acoustics of the room and logistics of the stage. Occasionally, rehearsals will be moved to another room to accommodate other school groups wishing to use the auditorium.


    Singing is the most natural form of music-making. It is also very personal, as we carry our "instrument" with us everywhere we go, all the time. Choir provides a setting in which we can come together as a group to explore and enjoy what we do naturally! And really, who among us has not enjoyed singing in some form at some time in his/her life - whether we admit it or not! :)


    If not already on a student's schedule, Choir can be added easily by emailing me, stopping in to let me know, or stopping in to let your counselor know. The counselors are always willing to make that change, and I am always glad to see new faces and hear those new voices!




    • Attend all 6th grade rehearsals and performances unless you are absent from school or have a family emergency. Your parent needs to notify me BEFORE the performance if you will be absent.
    • Be on time, in your assigned position, and ready to sing for each rehearsal (Day 5 AREA). We will meet in the auditorium on the stage. You will be given an assigned spot to stand for each rehearsal.
    • Memorize parts for each concert.
    • Demonstrate positive attitude and appropriate behavior throughout rehearsals and performances.


    PLEASE NOTE: TALKING at inappropriate moments is disruptive to our group effort, talking in class and/or other disruptive behaviors will result in disciplinary action and/or removal from choir.


    6th GRADE CHOIR at PFMS 

    Sixth Grade Choir meets once (on Day 5 during AREA) per six day cycle. We have only 30 minutes for each rehearsal and 10 rehearsals per concert. All rehearsals take place during the school day.

    It is most advantageous for your child to attend all of the rehearsals. If a student is in school, he/she is expected to be at the rehearsal on that day. If he/she has a sore throat, please send a note with him/her so they may be excused from singing but can follow along during the rehearsal.



    Singers are expected to wear BLACK on bottom and WHITE on top. Boys are to wear black pants and white collared shirts (tucked in) and dark shoes. No sneakers please. Girls are to wear black skirts below the knee or black pants and white sleeved blouses or tops. No flip-flops, sandals or high heels, these shoes are dangerous on the risers.  For the Winter concert the students will be asked to wear a pop of color...and will be sent a student survey to choose that color prior to the concert.   In the Spring we ask all students to choose a pop of color to add to their concert dress that represents Spring.  This color should be a tie, hair band, scarf, necklace, bracelet etc.



    For both concerts at PFMS, 6th grade choir students should arrive by 7:00pm in order to warm-up and review the logistics of the concert. The warm- up location varies depending on the concert but the arrival time remains the same.

    The Spring Concert involves both band and choir members. Band members arrive earlier than choir students and will warm-up FIRST with the band and then come over to the music room.


    Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. Here’s to a super, successful year!  Mrs. Morris




Last Modified on January 23, 2020