Welcome to 7th grade Academic Literacy!

    What is Academic Literacy? Using active reading to make meaning of more complicated, complex texts in order to use that meaning in a productive way. 


      • Different types of literacies and texts are not limited to printed words
      • Meaning is created between interaction of reader and text
      • Literacy skills can transfer to other academic areas
      • Reading is personal and social- topic ideas will vary based on interest


    What we will DO:

        • Read a variety of texts (mostly non-fiction) such as school texts, current events, advertising, primary documents to learn about topics (topics- some student selected, some teacher selected, some group selected)
        • Analyzing how text structures aid our understanding of author’s purpose
        • Critically question by understanding implicit and explicit meanings
        • Support clear opinions with evidence from text(s)- verbally and in writing
        • Generate inquiry from reading for further research
        • Evaluate research for credibility (media literacy)
        • Use technology/multi-media as tool for presenting content clearly

    The previous information is not all-inclusive. There is not enough time to include all of what is occurring in the classroom on a daily basis! :) Feel free to check out your student's Google Classroom!



Last Modified on August 22, 2019