• During the 7th grade unit on music history we will study the events that impacted the history of music in Western Europe from 1600 until 1825.  Students will continue their study of music history in 8th grade.
     Review:  Early Music through Renaissance Pd. Music
    • contributions to music of  ancient cultures - Babylonians, Persians, Arabians, Hebrews, Chinese, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians 
    • impact of the Roman Empire's conversion to Christianity before the Middle Age
    • Medieval sacred music - Gregorian Chant (primarily), development of notation
    • Medievalsecular music- children's songs, dancing, instruments
    • Renaissance sacred music- O Bone Jesu by Palestrina, Non nobis, Domine by Byrd
    • Renaissance secular music - songs, dancing, instruments, Greensleeves, minstrel, madrigal, The Battle of Marignan
    • printing press, polyphonic, monophonic

    Baroque Music
    • J. S. Bach
    • G. F. Handel
    • Vivaldi
    • musical forms - fugue, concerto grosso, oratorio, opera, chorale
    • musical instruments - string family, orchestra, organ, harpsichord

    Classical Music

    • Franz Joseph Hayden
    • W. A. Mozart
    • Beethoven
    • musical forms - ABA, theme and variations, string quartet, rondo
    • musical instruments - harpsichord to piano, voice, orchestra


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