• Here are many guitar resources that you may use to further develop your guitar playing.

    My favorite song lyrics and chord chart webpages:

    • Don’t forget that you can transpose, select different fingers, and find different arrangements of the same song
    • Don’t forget to select the websites own print button to make a clean and readable page



    Chord Charts:

    How to Read a Chord Chart by Fender

    Two Pages of Chord Charts from Little Kids Rock 

    Tuning Your Guitar:

    Online Tuning by Fender 

    Guitar Tuning Explained - School of Rock

    Best TED Talk for Guitar****:

    First 20 Hours - How to Learn Anything   

    • This talk shows you how far you can go.  He’s playing a ukulele - BUT you should apply this to your guitar playing.  Learn the four chords he plays and you can play almost any song.  G, C, D, Em
    Students will learn to play the acoustic classical guitar with emphasis on 1) playing chords to accompany singing and 2) playing melody/lead.  Students will be assessed through group performances with focus on certain skills.  The final playing exam will be individual.  Students must perform a song while providing the chordal accompaniment on the the guitar.  The song must use three or more chords.  Also, students will perform a melody on strings 1 and 2 using the rest stroke.  Students will also be composing music during their study of the guitar.
    Websites that will be useful during guitar:
    MuseScore  - composing see - musescore.com




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