• MUSICAL - a film or theatrical production typically of a sentimental or humorous nature that consists of songs and dialogue based upon a unifying plot

    During this unit students will learn about the components of musical theatre, perform scenes from musicals, and make a creative and informative project.

    Musical Theatre Project Prep Sheets are due by May 15, 2020.


    Musical Theatre Projects are due by the end of May 2020.

    Project selections include:
    1.  Diorama
    2.  Poster
    3.  Puzzles
    4.  Report/Magazine
    5.  Mobile
    6.  Performance
    7.  PowerPoint
    8.  Scrapbook
    9. or......create your own
    You may pick the musical but it must be approved by Mrs. McAninch
    You may pick the project but it must by approved by Mrs. McAninch.
    Your project must be creative, informative, and original!
    1.  Creative - use color, glitter, material, original drawings, 3-D design, costume, etc.
    2.  Informative - include title, composer(s), lyricist (s), characters, and song titles.*
    3.  Original - no photocopies or internet copies.  All artwork must be created by the student.
    *Characters not actors.  Song titles should not include "Overture'", "Entr'acte" or "Finale".  Songs should only be included once - no reprises.


    Websites that may be useful include:
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