•   The Think System
    1.  Goal    - To successfully complete 7th grade
    2.  Plan
    Step 1
      - Attend school and class every day
    Step 2  - Complete and turn-in homework
    Step 3  - Study for tests and quizzes
    Step 4  - Ask for help
    3.  Evaluation  - Seventh grade was awesome.  Asking for help was the best step to success.  I understood the assignments better and my teachers got to know me better.  My tests and quiz grades were very good because I studied many days in advance by making flashcards and study guides.  Studying is homework.  Even though my homework wasn’t always correct I completed it and turned it in.  This was great because I could ask questions about the assignment in class.  I used my assignment book to keep everything organized.  And - school was much easier because I attended class every day that I could.  I didn’t have to make-up missed work.
Last Modified on November 14, 2003