Timeline: 1896 the present

  • 1896- A public meeting is held for the election of Borough Council and Board of School Directors.

    1897- Frazier Street school erected
    - Attendance made compulsory for children ages 8-13.

    1901- Election of a fifth teacher is cited as the beginning of the high school, in which 17 were enrolled in the fall.

    1902- The first Hiester Street schoolhouse is sold to John Hamilton. The entire school population is then housed in the 4-room Fraser Street building.

    1908/09- Firm tuition policy requires payment for pupils “from homes in State College during the week and homes outside on Sunday”.

    1910- A full 4-year course is established for high school students. The term is lengthened to 9 months beginning in September.

    1913- School opens in the fall for half-day sessions because of overcrowded conditions.

    1914- First State College High School building, at Fraser and W. Nittany Aves. opens its doors, still needing finishing touches.

    1917- Properly certified college students are granted permission to teach in the high school, probably unpaid.

    1918- Boys credited for military drill training as a consequence of wartime conditions.

    1919- First yearbook published.

    1921- Additions made to Fairmount Avenue High School.

    1924-  Nittany Avenue Grammar School built (now Central Office administration building)

    1924/25- First school newspaper, The Piper, issued.

    1931- College Heights school erected.
    - Ferguson Township school erected. Renovated with additions 2011
    - Additions made to Fairmount Avenue High school.

    1934- First public library built.

    1935- A driver-training course first offered as a non-credit elective class conducted outside of school hours.

    1936- Boalsburg school erected.
    - Additions made to Fairmount Avenue High School

    1939- Board approves kindergarten for children reaching age 5 before February 1 with parents providing transportation, and attendance as optional.
    - Lemont school erected.

    1947 - Halfmoon directors voted 4 to 1 to form a joint district with State College designated the State College Area Join School.
    1949 - The College Area Joint School District, comprising College, Ferguson, Harris and Patton townships, as well as State College and Halfmoon Township, was formed effective July 1, 1950 with a board of 32 members.
    1952 - Corl Street School erected
    1955 - New High School erected on Westerly Parkway
            - Easterly Parkway School erected - rebuilt 2002
    1959 - Houserville Elementary School erected
            - Panorama Village Elementary School erected
    1962  - High School South building erected
    1963 - Radio Park Elementary School erected
    1967 - Park Forest Elementary School erected
    1971- Park Forest Middle School erected
    1995 - Mount Nittany Middle School erected
    2002 - Gray's Woods Elementary erected
    2011 - Mount Nittany Elementary School erected
            - Ferguson Township Elementary additions/renovations completed
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