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    Mr. Tranell's Sixth Grade Classroom, Room 215

    Wolves Team Academic Literacy 

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    Little Lion
    Contact Mr. Tranell: 
    2180 School Drive, State College, PA 16803
    Classroom phone- 814-231-1011, ext. 2461
    (rings any time- use for urgent calls during class times,
    has voicemail all times when I'm not in classroom)
    Main Office: 237-5301, Counseling: 237-5304,
    Call Safe Arrival # to report your child's absence: 272-8553

    Grade 6 Academic Literacy Course Description:

    This course supports the transition to middle school by helping students understand and navigate the increased literacy demands of reading and writing to learn across all subjects. With an emphasis on nonfiction informational text, data, and informational writing, students will strengthen their ability to comprehend, summarize, analyze, interpret, and make connections within and across texts. Students will enrich their vocabulary and literacy skills through choice reading, shared reading experiences, and research opportunities. This is an interactive class that encourages critical thinking based on reading, writing, and discussion that is a foundation for the skills that will be developed in 7th and 8th grade.

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Last Modified on February 21, 2023