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    2023 - 2024 School Year

    Greenwood Furnace Field Trip 9-15-23


    2019-2020 School Year:

    Greenwood Furnace State Park Field Trip Photos Oct. 3, 2019


    2017-2018 School Year:

    Click Here: Photos from Greenwood Furnace Trip 10-5-2017

    2016-2017 School Year:
    Click Here: Greenwood Furnace Field Trip photos from 9-22-16
    Class Photo  

     2015-16 School Year:

     Click Here for Photos from Gingerbread House Construction, December 22, 2015



    2013-2014 Class:
    Class Picture  
    Our class at Greenwood Furnace State Park on September 25, 2013!
    2012-2013 School Year: 
     January 2, 2013: Pictured are some students from Mr. Tranell’s 6th grade core and math classes at PFMS in front of a banner they made celebrating their participation in the National “26 Acts of Kindness” movement in tribute to the lives lost in Newtown, Conn.  Twenty-six individuals each completing 26 acts in each of the two classes makes 1,352 acts of kindness...and counting.  Pass it on!
    26 acts
    We are proud of our class Toys for Tots Project. We wrote persuasive paragraphs and made ads, and then the class voted on the toys we'd donate in the name of our class. We ended up donating an Etch a Sketch and Twister...

    December, 2012 Gallery:  Watch this gallery to see photos from Cave Painting, Talent Show, Gingerbread Houses, and More!


     November 16, 2012:  Our class read Berenstein Bears books with our book buddies from Mrs. Ondik's PFE Primary class and we taught them about Themes and morals of stories. Visit this gallery to see our "bumper sticker" projects:
    Our 2012-2013 class on our Black Moshannon Field Trip on October 5, 2012:

    Black Mo
    September 27, 2012:
    Read to someone  is a component of our daily literacy menu, and it helps students build fluency skills, listening comprehension, and most importantly, it helps students enjoy literature with classmates.  Furthermore, students choose reading material that's different from the chapter books they're reading and its helping students expand the genres they read, including newspapers, magazines, poetry, and other non-fiction.
    Check out our students "reading to someone!" 

    Johnstown Field Trip
    November 10, 2011
    A great day learning about geography, culture, and human-made wonders of PA!
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    Black Moshannon State Park Field Trip
    October 6, 2011
    What a BEAUTIFUL fall day and a great experience!


    This is a gallery of our students' first science project. The task was to improve observation skills by first making non-visual observations of an object found in nature on school grounds. Then, students documented visual properties by taking digital photos and closely examining them.  The projects were put together using Comic Life software. Enjoy:
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    2010-2011 Photos:

    Winners of 2010 Gingerbread House Contest:
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    September - December 2010 Highlights:

    2009-2010 Galleries:
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    JOHNSTOWN TRIP 11-16-2009:

    2008-2009 PHOTO GALLERIES:

    Photos with A-111 students from the Wolves Team Election Day Celebration on November 4th:

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    See the great photos from our Black Moshannon State Park Field Trip on September 23rd. We had a wonderful day of community building and activities that tied in with our Bridges to Understanding, Pennsylvania, and Discovering Science units!

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    See all the wonderful prizes that students were able to bid on at our Class Money Reward Auction. Students earned class money for hard work, good deeds, etc. and lost it for fines, etc.

    See our end-of-the-year Book Buddies Picnic on June 13th with our book buddies from Miss Watson's class at Park Forest Elementary School:

    See our World Country Fair on June 10th- where students presented displays, multimedia presentations, foods, artifacts, and activities from countries around the world:

    Check out this gallery of trips from our 90 smiley-face reward field trip aboard CATA to the Penn State Matson Museum of Antrhopology on May 30:
    (run mouse over top of some photos for a description)

    Check out this gallery from the Class Tea where students shared their poetry from Miss Irwin's Poetry unit:

    Great PA Cleanup photos from our class cleanup on Earth Day. We cleaned up along school grounds along Valley Vista Drive and Little Lion Drive, as well as along the perimeter of our gym field:

    Nice work!! Nick participated in the Earth Day Art field trip with Mrs. I.F. on April 22nd:

    See the photos from our 40 smiley face sledding reward:

    See the photos from our "Read Across America Day" celebration:

    See the new photos from our Million Pennies Drive dropoff and radio broadcast from December 20! (Thanks Mrs. Payne!!)

    Check out some photos from our Harrisburg Field Trip on November 29th:

    Check out students from our class making their PA Relief Maps!


    Granny Smith Apples
    Grace, Annabelle, and Nick react to the "tart" Granny Smith Apples during our "food science" experiment / taste test on the "Great PA Apple Crunch" day on October 24


    One of our parent volunteers helps Lucas learn how to use an apple corer / slicer.
    Andy confirms, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away!"

    apple writing

    Students made careful scientific observations about their apples, and then wrote a descriptive compare and contrast paragraph to share their findings.

    Pinwheels For Peace

    Our class made pinwheels for peace at Black Moshannon State Park and we displayed them on the International Day of Peace on September 21st.

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