• Frazier Street School Building

    As new buildings were being constructed and students were permitted to occupy these facilities, concern was mounting about the district’s oldest building—The Frazier Street Building. The red brick structure was built in 1897 and (named before the street became known as “Fraser”) had started with four classrooms and provided facilities for eight grades. It was the second school building built in State College.
    Frazier Street School in the 1950s
    In response to questions about the stability and safety of the Frazier building, in 1955 engineers recommended the installation of one-inch steel rods to make the brick walls more secure. However, such improvements would warrant a costly renovation project for the 60-year-old building, thus the Board decided to close the school instead in the early 1960s.

    The property was offered to the U.S. Post Office for $400,000. After a year of negotiation, the Post office agreed to pay $200,000 for the northern two-thirds of the tract, amounting to 250 feet along South Fraser Street, as the site for the new State College post office building. The remainder was to be leased to the borough for what would become Central Parklet. Today, the Central Parklet is owned by the State College Borough and has been renamed to Sidney Friedman Park. 

    Frazier Street Big First Grade
    Among the big first-grade class at the Frazier Street School in 1907-08 were
    Mary Kathryn, Addy Holmes, and Kitty Graham.
    Fraser Stree School Staff photo  
    Fraser Street School Students Fraser Street School staff, year unknown, taken looking across the playground with the school at the left.
    Fraser Street School students, year unknown, taken looking across the playground with the school at the left.
    Postcard of the school from 1961
    Frazier Street school
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