Architectural Design and Drafting
    Program Introduction
    The Architectural Drafting and Design program provides students the opportunity to explore the world of architecture and engineering. Students will develop skills and proficiencies needed for employment and or post education in Architectural, Engineering or Architectural Engineering fields such as structural, civil, electrical, mechanical and construction management. Lab oriented projects, construction site field trips and professional guest speakers occur throughout the school year. Competitive extracurricular activities with the Technology Student Association (TSA) and Architectural Club allow students to further explore architecture and engineering. 
    Students will start out with learning the basic drafting tools used by todays private architectural firms and public facilities such as Penn State's Physical Plant. Students will then apply those basic skills to design, draft and build a model of a home. Advanced classes will educate students on the structural, electrical and mechanical components of a home and preparing cost estimates. The final class is to help students prepare for college and the work force. Project presentations, speeches, professional looking portfolios and interviewing skills are part of this course. 
    Students will have proficient skills to become a Draftsman however, it is encouraged that students pursue at least a Two Year Degree in Architectural or Engineering Technology from Penn College or another Technical College if they want to become a Draftsman.  
    Students that want to become a Designer or Project Manager should have a Four Year degree from an architectural or engineering college. If a Student wants to become a Registered Architect, they must obtain a Five year Professional Degree in Architecture from an Accredited College. Similar requirements exist for students that wish to become a Professional Engineer. 

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    Mr. Chip Crawford, Instructor
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